Friday, May 14, 2010

What kind of food are they doing this study on exactly....

I've done a couple marketing studies with Delve Marketing. It doesn't take much time and pays a wee bit of money. My kids got big toys when they did one. Anyway, they send out emails periodically so that you have to contact them instead of them calling you, which was how they used to do it. I got this email today asking for my interest. I was hunky dory with it all til the second question #3. I'm not sure I'm going to volunteer for this one.....

Delve Market Research is currently looking for Females between the ages of 25 and 54, to participate in an exciting new study. If you would be interested in participating in this study, please reply with answers to the following questions.

Daytime phone number:
Evening phone number:

1. How many children under the age of 18 live in your household?________

2. Which of the following types of frozen dinners/entrees have you ever purchased?

a. Italian
b. Polish
c. Mexican
d. Asian
e. American
f. Indian

3. How appealing do you find spicy foods?
a. Extremely appealing
b. Very appealing
c. Somewhat appealing
d. Slightly appealing
e. Not at all appealing

3. do you own a:

Thank you for answering our questions. We will be contacting those respondents that potentially qualify with a few additional questions.

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